You Have No Control.

image.jpeg                 Have you ever been so attached to a person? Whether it be a best friend, a boyfriend or a girlfriend. Whomever it was, you were attached. You did everything together. You told each other everything. You relied on them, as they did on you. You trusted them with your thoughts, feelings, secrets- with your heart. You grew a relationship, a close bond. Whenever something exciting happened or whenever something was bothering you, they’d be the first person you call. The first person you think of. They were a source of happiness. They were your shoulder to cry on. Your “go-to.” Your person. They were everything to you. Worth every bit of time and effort to hold on to. You viewed them so highly, with so much potential. You admired them. You loved them.

But then everything changed. You had no control.

What you thought was worth holding onto or what you thought you had a grasp on – slowly slipping away. Day by day, you feel them fading from you. Distancing from you. They leave with no explanation. You have no control. You try to put the pieces together, figure out what went wrong, but you’re still puzzled. It just happened. You start wondering if maybe you just weren’t enough for them. Maybe they wanted more, expected more. Maybe they found someone else.. someone better? You start beating yourself up. You cry for weeks. You don’t eat for days. You barely sleep. You overthink. You hate everything about yourself. You end up losing yourself in the process of losing them.

What can you do? You have no control.


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