To Act or Wait?

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As the saying goes- “if it is meant to be, it will be.” Although on the other hand, there’s another saying- “if you really want it, go get it.

When you’re destined to something, it will happen. Eventually, right? You can go down many paths in life, go through various obstacles and experiences but you’ll always get set-back to where you’re supposed to be.¬†Everyone has certain things in life that they are bound to achieve and obtain. We all have certain people that are meant to come into our lives, whether they end up staying or leaving. ¬†There is a reason behind everything. For whatever reasons these may be, it’s because it’s meant to happen in your life. It’s part of the plan.

But just because things will automatically fall into place, and will eventually happen if it’s meant to be, does that mean we just wait? Do we just wait around and do nothing? Shouldn’t we work towards things we want? Put effort into the people we want to stay in our lives? How will these things that are “meant to be” happen if we don’t act on them?

The outcome of our future depends on how we live our lives today. Getting a good education won’t just fall into place if we don’t study hard. Success in your career and job won’t just happen if you don’t work hard. Having healthy relationships with loved ones in your life won’t be established nor will they stay strong unless you fight for them every single day.

So, are things really meant to be? Or do things in our lives happen because we CHOOSE to act towards them?

When you really want or maybe reached the point where you need something, do you wait? or do you act?